There can be few more extreme changes to your motoring needs than going from a racer to a new mother of twins, but Rebecca Jackson, co-founder of One Woman Owner, is doing just that. We find out how she’s coping with one of life’s most important roles, and how driving life has changed as a mum of twins!

  1. How’s life with two gorgeous baby twins? 

They are the greatest blessing and I feel extremely lucky. I still cannot believe sometimes that I have two! I love being a mummy so much, and they are an absolute delight. I hated the final stages of pregnancy because I was so slow and so fatigued. Now that my energy’s back and I can easily bounce up and down the stairs again I’m happy. Life feels great right now. 

  1. How have your priorities changed in regards to transport? 

I thought I could just drive them around and they would be fine… Ha ha! Little did I know that their cries would send a pang of anxiety greater than I have ever experienced through my body! So, I went out and bought a people carrier with sliding doors and a proper middle seat in the second row so I can sit in between them. From there I can keep them happy by singing, stroking their heads, putting dummies back in etc. Them being happy is what I want. I only drive them on my own during nap times so I know they will sleep. 

  1. Does having the babies change how you drive on the road? 

Yes. I’m a massive advocate for road safety anyway and headed a road safety campaign with Pertemps Driver Training before the twins were born. Now I have two babies relying on me, I’m even more vigilant. 

  1. What advice would you give others who are looking to change their car to cater for a new arrival – particularly twins?

A middle seat in the second row so you can fit two child seats either side and sit in the middle to keep them either entertained or relaxed – depending on where you are in your routine. A big boot for all the luggage that you need to take with babies. With twins it is almost double the luggage and ten times more than you need as a single adult!

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