We all remember it and some of us will have children anticipating it.  The practical driving test! It is the first time that they or we will have been behind the wheel without the comforting presence of the driving instructor. Although you are allowed to have your instructor or even a relative in the back seat if you want! (Isn’t there enough pressure?).

For many of us it will be the longest 40 minutes of our lives. As we take the driver’s seat and put our sweaty palms on the steering wheel we are trying desperately to reassure ourselves that it is just a little drive around the local area, nothing we haven’t done before!  If you pass, well, it will be the best feeling ever. And if you fail..?

Driving test in the local area – a piece of cake?

So it’s going to be fine, that road around the local area, piece of cake right? We thought it might be interesting to see what had actually gone wrong for people on their driving tests.  

The PASSMEFAST blog found some interesting and hair-raising fails that have led in some cases to fails on that dreaded test.

  1. Grabbing a knee instead of the gear stick
  2. Hitting the accelerator rather than the brake in the emergency stop
  3. Being unsure whether they should stop if an animal runs out (do!)

Putting the fail in an epic fail of your driving test

Here are some people who put the epic in Epic Fail for their driving test!

  • One man failed his test within 5 seconds as he drove out of his test centre onto the wrong side of the road. Fail!
  • Another driver on her test found herself frustrated in a queue of traffic and worrying about the rest of her day, with a potentially long delay in prospect.  She sat anxiously for some time until the driving test examiner asked if she would like to pull out from the line of cars parked along the pavement!  Fail! 
  • It is one thing to lose your car in Sainsbury’s car park but if you can’t lead the examiner to your car at the test centre, it’s not the best start and potential fail into the bargain! 
  • It is not only the poor learner that can feel bad if they fail, examiners have been attacked, sworn at and even warned that they are going to run over after issuing a fail. The BBC reported on the case of a learner who received a fail and then went on the rampage with a traffic cone back at the test centre hitting the cars there, swearing and generally calling mayhem, while a driver with a repeat failure tried to break the test centre door down! Fail and a record? 
  • After 4 fails, a hopeful learner pulled out a wad of cash for his examiner in the hope of securing a pass. It earned the learner an instant fail and the learner went on to attack the examiner.  Instead of the hoped-for pass, she landed herself with fifty hours of community service. Mega fail!
  • A devotee of the video game Car Chase, ignored the theory and practice he had gained leading up to his test and proceed to nip in and out of the traffic like his on-screen heroes.  That did not go down well with the examiner.  Fail!
  • Focus!  One lady driver having her driving test spotted an attractive motorbike rider and automatically steered towards him. The examiner had to use the emergency brake to avoid disaster.  Fail!
  • A man on his test knocked over a deer that ran into the road.  The learner stopped the car and inspected it with the examiner and found it to be dead.  However, his composure in extreme circumstances impressed the examiner. Pass! 

It is daunting, and it is frightening and you can be crushed if you fail, but if you look around, every car represents someone who has been through it and now has the freedom to drive and be master of his or her own destiny on our roads. And there is the huge advantage that once you or your daughter have passed that test you will be eligible to be one of our most treasured entities, a one woman owner!

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