Well the weekend is here and up and down the land people are out cleaning the car.  Row upon row of suburban homes’ drives are running with soapy water while kids join in by spraying the car and themselves. However, who cleans their car regularly?

Twice a year, really?

In 2017 the Daily Express ran a story claiming that women only put on the marigolds and give the interior of the car a good clean very occasionally, because they believe that cleaning the car, inside and out is the man’s job with nearly 70% saying that they will only clean the car about twice a year and also saying that if the man of the house did not clean it, it would not be cleaned!  Men apparently show more pride in their vehicles according to the survey, with nearly 55% of them saying that they cleaned their car about every two weeks.

70% of women say they clean their car
twice a year.

Clean car? No kids!

So where do you stand on eating in the car?  Well a survey done to find out the grazing habits of both men and women motorists revealed some startling revelations. Around 30% of men say that they would never eat in the car and certainly never leave food in it. In actual fact the amount of germs living happily in our cars is frightening with women admitting that the kids are the worst offenders and their discarded food is left to fester in, around and under the seats. It can be difficult to stop children munching in the car, often giving them something to eat is a way of keeping them quiet for the journey.  But there is definitely a great incentive to curb their eating when it comes to maintaining the value of your car. If they must eat and ride then you will need to set aside time to clean the car out more regularly.

It’s not like it’s indoors!

Nearly 80% of people say that as well as eating in the car they knowingly leave things like fruit skins and other discarded bits of food in there. This would never be the case indoors, we bet.  Imagine leaving some rubbish on the floor of your house for several weeks. It would never happen. And the survey also turned up the fact that one in ten women admitted to only cleaning their car once every year.  That really is shocking!

Driving him wild.

It turns out that men can be influenced on whether or not to take things further with a girl if they are confronted with the fact that their foxy lady’s car is a pig sty on wheels. Women on the other hand are more interested in the personal smells (breath, feet, pits) of their man than his car.

That’s a lot of hours

It is strange when you think that we spend so much time in our cars that we do not seem to want to look after them better. And the average time that someone will keep a car before they sell it is about seven years.  That is a lot of time to be living with a mobile Petrie dish of microorganisms that have the potential to spark the next outbreak of the plague. Even just making the decision not to eat in the car or let anyone else eat in it will be a huge help and cut down on the number of times that the car needs to be cleaned inside.  Taking a disinfectant impregnated cloth to the steering wheel once a week will go a long way towards making the interior of our cars a more hygienic place to be, as well.

We can’t believe that any of our OWO readers would be in the percentage of lady motorists who are not taking care of their cars.  Certainly if you are planning to sell your car attention to detail inside and out are going to be what makes a big impression on prospective buyers. Make sure that giving your car a good clean inside and out is at the top of your to do list so that even if you are not planning to sell right now, your car will be sale ready when the time comes!

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