You’ll get fined without it – and into a lot of trouble with the law. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it. And more often than not you’ll feel like you’re paying over the odds for your policy. We’re talking about your car insurance. Whether you are going for third-party or fully comp, you may find yourself asking how to get the best insurance deal for your car. 

If you’re anything like us then you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best price for your money. And in this world, loyalty towards any brand seems to be the fastest way to get your fingers burned. It’s often better to look around for new customer offers and pricing to get you away from your old insurer than relying on your renewal to actually come through at a competitive price. 

Fortunately we’ve got your back with some great tips for finding the best insurance deal possible.

Give Yourself Time

It’s all too easy to live life in the fast lane. We live in a world of convenience and almost anything can be delivered at the click of a button. Pick up restaurant food with Deliveroo. Find a new job in minutes with LinkedIn and shop happily from home with Amazon. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy online – but do give yourself an appropriate amount of time before you need to make a decision. 

You’ll thank yourself for the extra time which takes all the pressure out of running around. Some of the team here even like to put aside a couple of Sunday afternoons to do all the research when there’s a bit of quiet downtime. 

Do the Groundwork  

If you want the right kind of coat, car, wine or presents for your children’s birthday you always shop around. So why should insurance be any different? Make sure you’re getting the best deal by first going to a comparison site. Everyone knows about these money saving channels that are always advertised heavily on the TV and if you’ve ever used one you are probably already getting bombarded when it’s time for your renewal.

Collect as much information as you can from these sites, and remember there are still a ton of providers that don’t do comparisons such as Direct Line, Admiral and Aviva. Give them a call and get a quote to add to the list. 

Also make sure you’re looking at like for like. What’s covered in the policy? Are there any excess charges or hidden extras that you’re not seeing at first glance. Get out there and read some independent reviews too – find out if the service is everything people have been promised by looking at feedback. This will give you a wealth of information about each provider. 

When you’ve developed a good list it’s time to then make a choice as to which is the best one for you. 

Protect the Way You Drive 

Make sure you protect your no claims. Some drivers would rather pay for a repair out of their own pocket than claim and lose this bonus. Of course, you should always take care when out and about on the road, but did you also know you can get a special black box fitted to your car? Some insurers will actually drop your premium if they have a record of your driving style. 

Of course, having your driving put under the microscope isn’t right for everyone and some people feel this is a step too far.

Play with the Policy

In every policy, there are different options that allow you to slice money off the overall deal. Some of the best ways of reducing the cost are as follows: 

  • Payment plans versus one-off deals

    – usually the insurer will offer a discount for clearing the total amount in one payment. We’d always advise you to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Higher excess – lower price

    – having a higher excess charge can reduce the price of the insurance. If you’re a confident driver who rarely has an accident then this is a good way to get the price down further.

  • Haggle and push

    – when you get the insurer on the phone, it’s always good to ask for a further discount. If you’ve managed to get a sniff of a good deal then go that little bit further and ask for a further reduction in price if you sign on the day. 

  • Security counts

    – having alarms and safety devices fitted to your car can give insurance companies that extra knowledge that your car won’t be some kind of easy target for thieves. 

Look at the Lifestyle

It’s a family car, but be aware that younger drivers could dramatically put the costs up if you put them on your policy. It may be better to lend them the money to get their own vehicle and pay for their insurance. It certainly gives you more peace of mind when they’re out on the road.

Another good trick is to park your car in a garage at night. Most families now use the garage as another storage room for tools and Christmas decorations. Have a clear-out and put all the junk on eBay or give it away to a charity shop to save money on your car insurance policy. 

One Woman Owner Says…

Like everything in life, insurance is one of those costs that comes around every year and can be a little annoying. It’s always worth marking it on your Google calendar or in your diary to make sure that you’re aware it’s on the horizon, giving you a bit of time to put some money aside to cover it. There’s nothing worse than getting a week away from renewal time and finding you have to take out extra credit to cover the costs.

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