If you’re planning a trip closer to home this summer, a drive to France’s beautiful mountains, lakes or beaches is a worthy consideration. To help you on your holiday to France without incident, here’s what you need to about driving on French roads. (Spoiler Alert: They don’t drive like we do!)

It’s Non! to Tailgating

Tailgating is illegal although in an RAC survey 6 out of 10 drivers using their own cars or motorbikes to drive in France did not know this fact. 

Handheld mobile phone use is a non-non!

The only way to use a smartphone behind the wheel is parked in a designated space with the engine off. The fine is eye-watering, so don’t overlook this one. No matter how lost you might be. 

Using earphones or wearing headphones – another non!

In France it is illegal to either use earphones or to wear headphones behind the wheel.  According to the RAC, less than 40% of the motorists surveyed and heading off to France knew this.

In France it’s illegal
to use headphones behind the wheel.

In case of breakdown, carry cash.

There is a mandatory fee for recovery, if you break down and need to be towed. Roughly, €126, a weekend or night-time breakdown might set you back more. If you are covered by a UK breakdown provider and have the right level of cover, then you should be able to claim the breakdown fee back once you get back to the UK. 

Les speed cameras!

France’s fancy new cameras called ‘Mesta Fusion.’ are capable of more than just catching out speeding motorists.  Since they can also nab drivers in bus lanes, identify tailgaters, those driving on the hard shoulder and even those risking a quick call on their mobile phone, you’d be best playing by the rules.

Only way to call
is with the engine turned off.

Be prepared

Having the right breakdown and insurance cover are going to be the first step, but note having a warning triangle and hi-ves jacket in case of tyre puncture, are also mandatory.  Disposable alcohol testing kits for the next morning post-drinking sesh are also a pre-requisite. Don’t get caught out.

Apart from that, remember to drive on the right and have a great holiday,

Bon Voyage! 

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