We all know that using a mobile phone when we are driving is a no-no. In other articles, we’ve discussed eating, drinking and smoking behind the wheel. But now comes the news that the police are on the lookout for vaping behind the wheel. Targeting those people who are smoking e-cigarettes that come with their accompanying, instantly identifiable, clouds of vapour.

Police warn if someone is driving and vaping and the clouds of vapour appear, in any way, to be obscuring their vision in the car, then those drivers will risk losing their license.

Just like eating, drinking water or smoking a regular cigarette, vaping in itself is not illegal. However the police have warned that an e-cigarette is very likely to be categorized the same as any other handheld electronic device that you should not be using when you drive.  This means that if the motorist using an e-cigarette is deemed to be distracted by their vaping or prevented from seeing out of the windscreen properly, they may be stopped and prosecuted with the charge of driving without due care and attention. If the driver is prosecuted under this heading then the penalties can be very high.  They can include 3 to 9 points on your licence as well as a fine of up to £2500 and if the offence is serious enough, even a disqualification from driving.

There are now an estimated one in 3 million people in the UK who regularly use e-cigarettes and many of those will also be using Britain’s roads.  Although most of us are aware of the danger posed by sunlight causing glare and impeding vision, scientists have said that the effect of vaping could have a very similar effect on a driver’s ability to see the road clearly.  

3-9 points on your licence 
and a £25,000 fine.

Mirror, Lippy Manoeuver!

Some time ago The Daily Mail published a photograph of a female driver putting on her makeup on the motorway using her knees to steer her car. The photo caused outrage when it went viral online. The photograph was taken on the M6 toll road. The woman was going about 30 miles an hour on the motorway. The passenger in passing van snapped the woman and posted it online with the caption ‘why do women think it’s okay to do make-up at the wheel?’

The post was very negatively received but a study that was conducted back in 2013 reveals that’s around 44% of women, when asked, admitted that they applied their make up while they were behind the wheel. Of those women asked only 14% said that they felt that their driving might be affected by doing this. If you are caught putting your make-up on while you are behind the steering wheel of the vehicle you may be charged with that old favourite – driving without due care and attention. The penalties for this kind of an offence, if you are convicted, is likely to be 3 to 9 points on your license and even a discretionary disqualification.  There could also be a financial penalty imposed, about to £2500 and, if the matter has gone to court, prosecution costs could be added to that. 

What are the most popular Beauty products that are being applied behind the wheel?

Lip gloss  – 35%

Mascara  – 30%

Lipstick  – 25%

Lipstick  – 25%

Eyeliner – 4%

So why are so many of us ladies forsaking the dressing table and going for the on-the-move alternative to putting on our makeup?

An expert, speaking to the Mail Online said that the reason she thought so many women were putting on make-up on behind the wheel on their way to work was because of time pressure.  There simply was not enough time at home for them to put on makeup, with all the other chores of the morning to be done.  

Whatever the reason, it is never acceptable to be applying makeup in your car when your attention should be on the road.  We know that none of our OWO readers would ever think of doing such a thing but maybe, for all of our sakes, you can you can tell your friends!

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