Rebecca Jackson is a racing driver and presenter who’s spent her life around cars, whether it’s selling them, competing in them, writing about them or presenting television shows on them. We sat down with One Woman Owner’s co-founder, to find out what drives her and what she’s driving:

– What inspired your passion for cars? 

I have grown up with cars. I was at the race circuit when I was just 6 weeks old, and helped my Dad in his garage at home maintaining classic cars. I’ve loved the buzz of being with them all my life.  

– Your work covers all manner of fields including racing, presenting and charity work, so what do you consider yourself first and foremost and why?

A motoring expert. I love being able to share my knowledge to help others. Whether that is on national radio, TV, one to one, or on the internet. 

– You’ve got a journey of a couple of hours to do, on ordinary roads in an ordinary car. Is this a chore or a pleasure for you? 

All driving is a pleasure to me. I feel emancipated behind the wheel. Years ago it was not the norm for women to just get in their cars and drive wherever they want to go. We are so lucky in today’s age and in the UK that we can do that. I feel blessed to be able to drive, have a car I like and go where I want. It’s always a pleasure. 

– Why One Woman Owner? What’s the difference between this and any other used car site?

The first thing to point out is that we’re a positive buying platform aimed at women, but men are also welcome. One Woman Owner is different because we bring a level of trust and transparency to used car buying. We can promise a safer and easier transaction for both buyer and seller. With us, you know that you’re buying from a trusted seller. Plus there’s our expert concierge service to offer one-to-one help for anyone who’s not sure what car to buy. On top of all that, there are all our free guides on how best to deal with searching for and buying a car – we make buying a used car more exciting and less scary!

– Buying a used car is as daunting a prospect now as it ever has been – if you could give someone looking to buy a used car one piece of advice, what would it be?

One piece of advice is always trust your gut instinct. Sure you can check service histories, read buying guides, HPI it, take a mechanic etc which you must do with any car you buy. You can do all these things but your gut has to say “buy this car”. When you get that feeling, go for it. 

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