Some 49% of UK licence holders are female and lady drivers, true or not, have long been regarded as more sensible owners. Here’s why at One Woman Owner motors we believe buying from a lady driver is a better buy:

More careful drivers

Traditionally seen as more careful drivers than men, insurance premiums used to reflect reflected the fact that women aren’t as aggressive. The EU may have ruled that discriminatory injustices in insurance had no place in modern society, but the cliché still stands. A buyer is more likely to get a car that’s been driven carefully, if it was previously owned by a woman. Sorry, chaps.

Less likely to tinker

Ladies love an extension to a garage, patio or living room, but aren’t as fussed with modifications for cars. They generally choose the car that they want and then stick with it. Men are more likely to ‘tinker’. Aftermarket engine chipping is common and hard to spot, if the owner doesn’t tell you about it. What’s more, such changes can invalidate the manufacturer warranty and insurance, if you don’t declare it. While the girl-racer massive is rightfully loud and proud, it is certainly more niche.

    Traditionally, women have been seen as more careful drivers.

Fewer miles and so less wear

A lady driver is likely to have fewer miles on the clock, than her male counterpart. Women are also more likely to keep to the speed limit. Thus, a One Woman Owner car is far more likely to have had the prerequisite TLC. 

Generally women keep
their paperwork in good order.

Admin this!

Women are more likely to keep paperwork in good order. This will stand any seller in good stead, since it could earn you a further 25% on your sales price. Try to have a full service history—receipts for any minor work—, the owner’s manual and spare tyre, because you’ll make the motor even more attractive.

Women are seen as more trustworthy

Girl power has given more women the confidence to haggle and drive a harder bargain. However, generally speaking, women are more honest about any shortcomings on the car. Their natural domescity usually results in a fresh, clean and uncluttered car, too.

There are many more reasons that people feel that they will be getting a better deal if they buy a car that has had one woman owner – use it to your advantage!

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