If you’re looking for cars with big boots, nearly any MPV will offer you more than 1,000 litres of space. But they’re not really cars, are they? They’re more akin to vans, despite some of the plush interiors and mod cons they come with nowadays.

Cars with big boots are another thing. They have more shape to them, for a start. The larger size overall tends to make them good cars for big families too. You don’t have to choose a bulky vehicle to get the extra luggage space. You can still have an SUV, estate or even a hatchback. We’ve tracked down the best for you to choose from.

Estate cars with big boots

The estate car is the classic choice for large families. Or even small families with furry kids instead of human ones. They look smart without crossing into van territory. Plus you’ll have enough room for luggage, people and pets. These two have the largest boots without compromising on style or performance.

#1 Skoda Superb

Speedy, spacious and stylish, the Skoda Superb is a spectacular choice for people that need a bit more space than most. The newer third-generation models also come as a roomy hatch. Both the estate and hatch have the option of all-wheel drive if you like getting to out of the way places.

Skoda does the Superb with petrol, diesel or hybrid engines, all are good performers and equally roomy for luggage and passengers. If you’re looking for cars with big boots, both the superb hatch and estate are good options.

Estate car boot space: 510 – 660 litres with seats up, 1,800 to 1950 litres with seats folded

Hatchback boot space: 625 litres with seats up, 1,760 with seats folded

#2 Volvo V60

Volvo are well known for their high safety standards. When it comes to cars with large boots, their estate delivers in spades. The V60 is comfortable to drive and what it lacks in fun it makes up for in classy looks. The interior is minimalistic and still manages to feel plush.

There are seven engine types to choose from, four petrol, one diesel and two hybrid options. The diesel option is a good choice for fuel economy and while the hybrid engines are even better, they are pricey for what’s on offer. The boot space is super practical with a lower level available for extra storage.

Estate car boot space: 529 litres with seats up, 1441 litres with seats folded

SUVs with big boots

SUVs are big, bulky and bold, but not all of them have lots of room for luggage. These two larger cars with big boots are great options if you like the SUV styling and want more space for all of life’s things.

#3 Peugeot 3008

The 3008 Peugeot small SUV was first released in 2017, so finding a used model shouldn’t be too arduous. The interior styling is one of the best for this class of car. Style meets practicality and the boot space is bigger than the UK’s best-selling SUV, the Nissan Qashqai.

Peugeot 3008 is one of the cars with big boots

3008 are known to have computer glitches that can cause issues, so make sure you test drive one before driving away in it. As for engine types, the diesel 1.6 litre is the best all-rounder in the range. The boot opening can be adjusted to create a flat loading bay, with the seats down you’ll be able to fill it with all of your spoils from IKEA.

SUV car boot space: 520 litres with seats up, 1670 litres with seats folded

#4 Honda CR-V

The CR-V can come with up to seven seats, which is great for large families. If you’re looking for cars with large boots though, a five-seater will be the better choice. The entry-level S model is quite basic. The rest of the range is better with safety technology and comfort features that make driving a breeze.

Honda’s tend to be reliable cars, so shopping for a used car shouldn’t throw up too many duds.  These small SUVs have just two engine options. Honda’s CR-V comes as a 1.5 litre petrol or a 2.0 litre petrol hybrid. We think the hybrid offers a better ride.

SUV car boot space: 497 litres with seats up, 1,638 to 1,697 litres with seats folded

Hatchbacks with large boots

Cars with large boots aren’t confined to estates and SUVs, some of the newer hatches have oodles of room too. We’ve chosen an all-electric and one of the most distinctive family hatches available today.

#5 Tesla Model S

Tesla’s cars offer storage space under the bonnet and in the boot thanks to the electric engine. The Model S is a fine example of a long-range, high-tech electric car with plenty of oomph. You can go from a standstill to 62mph in less than two seconds.

Inside, the Tesla Model S is minimalist and plush. There’s lots of driver assistance tech and you’ll get over 400 miles of range from one fully charged battery. When combining front storage space with the boot, you’ll have a whopping 894 litres of luggage space.

Hatchback boot space: 744 litres without the front storage

#6 Honda Civic

The Civic has been around for decades and is the backbone of Honda cars. The latest 10th generation hatchback is sporty, spacious and has striking looks. Some like the styling, others aren’t so keen. Even so, she’s truly a pleasure to drive and you’ll get a choice of three turbo engines; two petrol and one diesel option.

Updated earlier this year, the latest Civic now has sharper styling. The final range of internal combustion 1.0-, 1.5- and 2.0-litre petrol engines for the Civic have been tweaked for better performance. The 11th generation Civic will only be offered with petrol-hybrid engines.

Hatchback boot space: 404 -410 litres with seats up, 1,187 to 1,220 litres with seats folded

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