If you’re in the market for larger family cars, you’ll want something safe, economical and, if possible, a bit of style. It may feel like you’re destined to drive an MPV and have exorbitant fuel costs, but that’s not the case. We’ve tracked down some cars for large families that are a little like the Tardis.

Our selection includes cars that offer plenty of space. They’re comfy to drive and you won’t need to dig too deep for fuel either. Whether you’re transporting older kids who grew too fast or a range of ages from baby to nearly adult, these 9 cars for large families can fit everyone plus luggage.

They also have some of the best safety technology for peace of mind, and plenty of accessories to keep everyone entertained.  Buckle up and settle in while we take you on a journey through the best 9 cars for large families in the UK.

Estate cars for large families

Estate cars for large families are a great option if you don’t want a van and an SUV just isn’t your style. The longer wheelbase in these family cars means there’s plenty of room for growing legs and luggage too. You’ll also have enough boot space to collect the weekly shop while everyone’s aboard.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 5-stars                                                                                                        Boot space: 187lt up front, 2,180lt with seats down

This all-electric car takes a cue from KITT, the 80’s talking car. The ‘falcon wing’ doors open upwards. Mind you, it is a little like a Tardis too. The outward appearance is that of a regular saloon but you can opt for a 5, 6, or 7-seater model, depending on your needs.

Being an electric car, you’ll find it’s a lot easier on your pocket for fuel than the internal combustion engine cars on this list. The electric engine also makes it one of the fastest accelerators and you’ll get a top speed of 155MPH and 0- 62MPH in under 4 seconds.

The 6 and 7-seater options mean an extra row of seats is thrown in. These are forward-facing, unlike the Model S, and best for smaller passengers and younger kids. That said, all seats are adjustable, so everyone should be able to get comfortable. Climbing in and out is fairly easy, thanks to the futuristic doors.

Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 5-stars                                                                                                              Boot space: 510 – 600lt with seats up

Skoda makes some fabulous family cars and their Superb is a great option for larger broods. The estate models have oodles of legroom for gangly teens and the interior rivals a limo! She’s a comfortable cruiser that can seat five adults easily.

If you’ve got little ones, the cavernous 510lt boot will easily take a twin buggy with room for shopping around it. There are twin Isofix points in the back seats with room between them.

Nice touches like the front door pockets with rubbish bin inserts make it easier to keep things clean. The umbrellas tucked away in the doors create additional comfort. The Superb comes in petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid options for environmentally conscious families.

Dacia Jogger

The Dacia Jogger is one of the biggest estate cars for large families availbale in the UK today

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 1-star                                                                                                        Boot space: 565lt with seats up

Dacia’s Jogger is a little like a cross between their Sandero supermini and SUV. It sounds odd, but it works. The stretched estate has room for three rows of seats and seven passengers. The rear seats are accessed by folding down the middle row. All are comfy once you’re in.

This is one of the cars for large families that comes with an economical 1.0 turbo petrol engine. Dacia has managed to make this work by keeping the body light. This also makes her feel speedy and nimble when hauling your family about.

As much as we love the Jogger, we can’t give her a top spot in our list of estate cars for larger families. Euro NCAP only gave her one star for safety. This is due to the lack of electronic safety features and seatbelt reminders for passengers in the third row.

However, there are plenty of other safety features, including emergency braking, parking assist and blind spot warning. If you’re looking for a comfortable car to transport a large family, the Jogger is worth a look.

MPV for large families

For larger families, you can’t really go wrong with an MPV. You have plenty of space for kids, luggage and even the friends they want to invite along. These MPVs are a great option for comfort, safety and room.

Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 5-stars and 3 advanced rewards                                                        Boot space: 1,410lt with seats in place

The V-Class Mercedes-Benz is one of the bigger family MPVs available. You can easily seat seven, or even eight people, plus pack away everyone’s luggage for the holidays. If you are sick of roof-top boxes and arguments with your partner about packing the car, the V-Class could be the answer you’re looking for.

As you’d expect from Mercedes, the V-Class feels like quality inside. Luxury soft black leather seats, pop-up trays and a good infotainment system with all the mod-cons you’d expect. There are even four iso-fix points if you’ve a young family. Comfort is a given, space is also a dead cert.

If you are regularly transporting a hoard, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class is a great option. The boot has lots of loading options too. There’s a power button to close the easy tailgate or you can load things in through the rear window! This is one of the cars for larger families that feels like a luxury choice rather than a big-car ultimatum.

Citroen Berlingo XL

The Citroen Berlingo XL is a classic choice of cars for large families

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 4-stars                                                                                                      Boot space: 1,050lt with seats in place

Choose between 5 or 7-seats with the Berlingo. This MPV is a comfy option with plenty of tech that’s far easier on your pocket than the previous family car! You’ll still get oodles of space to load the kids in and enough room for luggage too.

The third row of seats is just as comfortable for adults are they are for kids. Something that Tesla didn’t manage with their Model X. The newer Berlingo’s only come with electric motors. If you’d prefer a petrol or diesel family car, best check out a used car for the family. Make sure you opt for the XL though, other model Berlingo’s only come with room for five.

Volkswagen Multivan

VW Multivan

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 5-stars                                                                                                      Boot space: 763lt for the long van

If eight seats aren’t enough for your family, the VW Multivan can seat up to nine. Once known as the VW Caravelle, the Multivan has been growing in popularity over the years. It has the same underpinnings as the Golf and the Tiguan, so it feels more like one of the cars for large families than the Transporter van it is reminiscent of.

You can choose from petrol, diesel or hybrid engine options. Obviously, the hybrid will be easier on your pocket in terms of fuel costs. This is a boon when you’re transporting children hither and thither.

All in all the Multivan is a great option if you’re in need of something bigger than the Touran and are unwilling to stretch to the price of the V-Class.

SUVs for large families

SUVs have risen in popularity over the years to be one of the most common cars for large families and small ones too! The masculine lines, high driver’s position and extra power under the bonnet are some of the reasons behind this.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 5-stars                                                                                                      Boot space: 270lt with all seats up

This large family SUV offers practicality, space and value for money. It’s really built for five, but can carry seven passengers by sliding the back seats forward and popping up another two in the rear. She’s shorter than her Superb estate sister, so easier to park.

A recent update to the Kodiaq brought a change to the front grille, new lights and some eco-friendly material on the interior. Aside from that, she’s much the same as the 2016 model.

You can find a Kodiaq in petrol and diesel iterations, but as yet, no hybrid or electric models are available. You’ll still get the clever bits that Skoda adds to all its cars though. Overall, the Kodiaq is a great family SUV, particularly if you have a bigger-than-average brood.

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90

Euro NCAP Safety rating: 5-stars                                                                                                      Boot space: 316 – 356lt with seats up

The distinctive cars from Volvo come with sleek interiors and appealing technology packages. They’re also known for their high levels of safety. The XC90 is no different.

She seats seven across three full-sized rows that don’t impinge on the boot space. Brushed metal and leather finishes make it feel plush inside this SUV. There are just two Isofix points in the middle row of seats, so this isn’t the best option for families with three or more small children.

The four-cylinder engine offers reasonable economy and, of course, the hybrid model is even more efficient. Although she can go off-road, she’s been built for a smooth on-road performance.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7Euro NCAP Safety rating: 5-stars                                                                                                      Boot space: 605 – 770lt with seats up

Built with air suspension and four-wheel steering, the Audi Q7 is fun to drive. It’s a comment not often associated with cars for large families. Comfort is also at a peak, with the kinds of fine finishes you’d anticipate from Audi.

Engine options include petrol, diesel and hybrid. All of which have great performance and plenty of oomph. Audi has packed the Q7 with the latest tech, from safety features to infotainment systems. Everyone will enjoy the great sound system.

Although the Q7 is a 7-seater, the final row of seats isn’t as spacious as the first two. The roofline is a little low and the floor a little high, causing it to feel a bit cramped. You can, of course, allocate these seats to smaller kids or shorter teens so everyone still gets a comfy ride.

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