The fourth-generation Ford Focus is a fine hatch that’s improved in the areas that her older sisters lacked. For a start, there’s more room for passengers and luggage. The updated tech is quality and four trim levels ensure there’s something for everyone.

Ford has firmly put their latest hatch on the list of possible cars for families planning to update their wheels. SUVs have been turning the heads of family car drivers for a while now. A quick look at the most popular cars of this year is a testament to that. Even so, a hatchback still holds a reasonably strong position and the latest Ford Focus is a great new choice.

The 3rd generation Ford Focus was a tidy car in her day. The choice of engines has been extended for the latest model and a few of the niggles about room and tech have been ironed out. These updates ensure that she remains one of the best cars in her class.

Tech specs for the Ford Focus Mk 4

The newest Focus comes with four different trim levels. The entry-level ‘Trend’ has a 1.0-litre Eco-boost petrol exactly the same as the engine found in the Fiesta. Alternatively, you can opt for a 1.0-litre mild hybrid engine that boosts performance and fuel efficiency.

The Titanium, SUV-inspired Focus Active and sporty ST complete the trim levels. These can be paired with larger engines, a 118bhp 1.5litre EcoBlue 120 three-cylinder diesel, or the 2.3litre EcoBoost inline four-cylinder if you choose the ST. That’s the most powerful of the bunch.

There’s no plug-in hybrid on offer but all of the mild hybrid options will harvest power from brakes and coasting. This is then fed back to improve torque and fuel efficiency. Although you can opt for a petrol or diesel engine without the hybrid engine tech, we’d recommend the hybrids for better efficiency and power.

Ford Focus front exterior


The fastest Ford Focus is, of course, the ST. This has the engine with the most get up and go. It’ll go from a standstill to 62MPH in around 9 seconds.

The smaller engines also perform well, but if you’re carrying a few passengers regularly, you’ll enjoy the 1.0 litre Eco-boost Hybrid. While there’s not much difference for town driving, once you’re out on the open road or country lanes, you’ll find she has a bit more to give.

Suspension is firm and comfortable. The ST-Line is a little stiffer making bumps and potholes a little more pronounced. The ST-Line Vignale with 18-inch wheels feels the stiffest of the lot. Steering across the range is light around town but with a little more weight at higher speeds.

The best handling Ford Focus are those with the Vignale package attached to the trim. Lower and stiffer suspension means it leans less in corners making them feel fun and agile. Even the Trend and Titanium trim levels are more agile than competing hatches like Skoda’s Octavia.

Ford Focus interior and exterior

Outside, the Ford Focus has a higher bonnet and sharper lines than her older sisters. The Ford badge has been moved to the tip of the hood and the grille is larger and wider too. LED headlights with an integrated fog light function give the front a cleaner look.

The SUV-inspired Active trim has taller side vents, a raised driver and passenger height and black plastic body cladding. With the Vignale package, satin finishes and side vents with body colour finishes are included.

Ford Focus interior

Inside, you’ll find a driver’s seat with easily adjustable lumbar support and height. The steering wheel is also easy to set into the perfect position, so your ultimate driving position is simple to find. Physical buttons for the air-con have been moved to the infotainment touchscreen. It’s a change that declutters the central dash but also makes using the controls a little harder.

The boot has 375-litres of space and a handy wet zone with a vertical divider. That lets you store muddy boots and coats on wipe-clean carpet and side trims without them rattling around the boot when you turn corners.


The infotainment system got a complete overhaul for the Ford Focus 2022. The new tech is miles ahead of many other cars in this class. The completely wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let you mirror your smartphone on the central touchscreen display. Improved voice control lets you sort out the sat nav, radio station and volume for the stereo with a bit of chat.

Navigation can connect to live streaming traffic and weather services so your route is remapped when unexpected delays or weather conditions arise. Live parking info also makes it easy for you to find a space when you’re ready to leave your car.

Cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, lane keeping assist, emergency assist and FordConnect come as standard kit in the entry-level trim, Trend. In the higher trim level, Titanium, you’ll get a larger touchscreen display, 17” alloy wheels, keyless entry and keyless start.


The rear seats fold and split 60/40, making 1,354 litres of storage space in total. The longer wheelbase means there’s more room for passengers too, so if you have older kids they should be able to get comfy in the back.

Despite the longer wheelbase, the Ford Focus doesn’t feel big on the road. Parking sensors help you ‘see’ around the wide back pillars and the option of a rear-view camera will give you complete visibility.

Euro NCAP gave the Focus a full five stars and there are two Isofix points for car seats. This solidifies the Ford Focus’ position as a great family hatch.

OWO Verdict

If you want to update your family wheels, the Ford Focus is a good option. The five different engine choices ensure there’s something for everyone. The higher driving position in the Focus Active makes her a reasonable alternative to the popular SUVs.

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