Released in 2021, the Kia EV6 saw an update this year and the addition of a stand-alone GT model to the range. Three other model types complete the EV6 range, the Air, the GT-Line and the GT-Line S. All are great choices for families that wish to switch from petrol to electric.

The EV6 made our best electric family cars list earlier this year, and for good reason too. This SUV has plenty of power along with luxurious vegan leather interiors and serious comforts like heated seats and steering wheel. Not to mention the very healthy 328-mile range on a full charge.

That’s just the entry-level Air. The GT-Line, GT-Line S and newer GT dial up the luxury a little more. The entire Kia EV6 range has plenty more to recommend it as your next choice of electric family SUV. From on-point styling to great practicality, we take a look at the EV6 inside and out.

Tech specs for the Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 uses Hyundai’s E-GMP electric car platform, giving it similar underpinnings to the Ioniq 5 and 6, as well as Genesis GV60. However, the lower centre of gravity, McPherson strut front suspension and multi-linked rear suspension makes for a sportier feel and better control around corners.

Models come with a choice between RWD or AWD. The RWD set-up will get you a little further whereas the AWD models have faster acceleration.

Kia EV6 front view

RWD comes with a choice of two battery sizes and power levels. The smaller 58kWh battery is paired with a 125kW engine with 168hp and 350NM of torque. Being electric, that torque is instantly available and translates to sharper performance and steering responses when in sports mode.

A larger battery of 77.4kWh gets a 168kW engine with 225hp and 350Nm of torque. In everyday speak, that’ll get you from 0 – 62mph in 7.3 seconds. Not bad for a car that weighs almost two tons.

The AWD combos offer the same batteries but with higher-powered motors. Choose from a 173kW engine with 232hp and 605Nm torque, a 239kW engine with 321hp and 605 NM torque or the highest powered engine of the range, a 430kW engine with 577hp and 740Nm torque.


All of the EV6 SUVs are capable vehicles. Choosing the higher-powered AWD 321hp EV6 will grant you a considerable boost to speed. However, it’s the latest GT model that really impresses in the speed and handling stakes. The sleek styling embodies supercar acceleration of 0 – 62mp in just 3.4 seconds.

The latest GT model handles the speed well with electronically controlled suspension and limited slip-differential improving handling. The Air, GT-Line and GT-Line S can get a little tetchy on tighter turns and bends if you’re in a racing mood.

If you enjoy country living or occasionally tow a caravan, this family EV is up to the task. Both the RWD and AWD models have a towing capacity of up to 1,600kg. This is impressive as it’s almost the entire weight of the Kia EV6.

Notes on the Kia EV6’s interior & exterior styling

Kia EV6 front cabin space

The Kia EV6 is more than ‘just’ a fancy electric family SUV. Inside the eco credentials stretch to vegan leather seats and sleek minimalist styling that includes a panoramic 12.3” touchscreen display. A nice touch is the fully reclining front seats. You’ll be able to kip comfortably while you wait a full 18 minutes to fast charge the battery to 80%.

Ambient lighting sets a luxurious feel inside and a floating centre console up front has plenty of storage and a bay for wirelessly charging your phone. The steering wheel has full controls for answering calls, switching up the music, and, of course, maximizing your driving range.

Outside adaptable front lighting helps you see and be seen without blinding oncoming traffic. The muscular crossover design feels sleek and sporty without losing the promise of comfort and capability SUVs deliver.


There’s just one way to describe the cabin of the Kia EV6 and that’s chock-a-block with tech. A 12.3” touchscreen panel controls all of the necessary gadgetry inside.

Integrated sat nav, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity makes finding your way while listening to your favourite tunes a cinch. The entry-level Air trim has heated front seats and steering wheel, smart cruise control, and a Highway Driving assist pack.

The G-Line and G-Line S bring a little more assistance and luxury with tech like blind spot collision avoidance and wireless phone charging.

Kia EV6 practicality

This family-sized SUV is more than practical. The entry-level Air has everything you need while the higher trim levels pack in everything you’d want as well. The boot space is a sizable 490-litres. Thanks to the missing motor under the bonnet, you’ll get some ‘frunk’ space (front boot) totaling 52 litres.

The range on these SUVs is a respectable 314 to 328 miles on a full charge. Not content to let that be enough, Kia has also ensured an ultra-fast charging speed of just 18 minutes from 10% capacity to 80%. It’s nearly enough to take a short kip while you wait to complete a long journey.

OWO Verdict

In our opinion, the only EV in this range that exceeds the Kia EV6 in terms of capability, luxury and performance is the Porsche Taycan. For those who want to keep the extra £40,000 for a Porsche in their pocket, the EV6 is a great option. Why not explore some used EV6’s in the OWO marketplace today?

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