When the Kia Soul EV was first released to the UK market in 2020, you’d have paid around £32,000 for her. If you consider all the tech that comes as standard, the excellent range and the high level of performance, it’s not really that pricey.

Today, you can pick up a used Kia Soul EV for around half the price. Wait until the end of the month when the updated 2nd Gen hits the UK and you may be able to get one even cheaper. It’d be a downright bargain too. The 2020 model has won her fair share of awards and has the same powertrain as the e-Niro.

As far as small electric SUVs go, Kia did a whole lot right with their Soul EV and not much wrong at all.

Tech specs for the Kia Soul EV

Under the hood, you’ll find a single electric motor that sends 201bhp and 395Nm of torque to the front wheels. That’s fed by a 64kWh rechargeable battery that weighs a hefty 457kg. That’s placed centrally under the floor and is cooled with liquid rather than air.

Kia Soul EV Engine

The in-built heat pump harvests waste heat from the coolant to warm you up in the cabin.

Although the Soul shares the same powertrain as three other models in the Hyundai Group, the platform she sits on is different. She’s 30mm longer than her predecessor and that gives passengers a little more legroom.


The Kia Soul handles nicely, although she isn’t quite as deft as petrol or diesel rivals. Then again, no EV is – yet. The large and heavy batteries make them less agile, but the technology is moving fast. Expect that to change in a few years.

Officially, you’ll get 280 miles of range per charge in the Kia Soul. Acceleration is good too — 0 to 62MPH in under 8 seconds. It’s not just take-off either, at motorway speeds there’s still enough acceleration to move into gaps easily.

Of course, being an electric car, she’s nearly silent on the road. Sufficient sound buffering means the road, wind and motor noise are kept to a murmur.

Regenerative braking has four levels of efficiency for converting kinetic energy into electrical power. It’s one of the better braking systems of all EVs available today. Some others can feel inconsistent. It’s not the case with the Soul and the maximum level of efficiency will stop the car simply by lifting your foot from the accelerator.

Suspension is good, although you do get a sense of the vehicle’s weight. She’s more than 1600kg. That said, you’ll get a comfortable ride and only really notice the most vicious of potholes.

Interior and exterior styling

The Kia Soul EV is a small SUV reminiscent of the Mini Cooper. The key difference is that Mini took its styling cues from the classic car. Kia took theirs from Darth Vader in Star Wars. The boxy looks are loveable and she’d make a great first car if you could stretch to the price tag.

Inside she’s not luxurious, but she is comfortable. There’s only one trim level in the UK and it’s more highly equipped than most cars. The seats are comfortable and she’s clearly been designed for ease of use. The configuration of buttons and dials is logical, they’re simple to find and use too.

Kia Soul EV view from the rear

There’s plenty of room in the back. The extra 30mm in length translates as more legroom for passengers and a little more boot space too.


The Kia Soul has one of the most extensive lists of standard equipment we’ve seen in a long while. LED lights, privacy glass and heated front seats are just the start of the comfort features.

Rain sensing wipers, adaptive smart cruise control and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror for nighttime driving are a few of the safety features you’ll enjoy in this model. Blind spot detection, forward collision sensors, a reversing camera and rear parking sensors are also thrown in for good measure.

Drivers get a seven-inch digital display for all the appropriate controls and a 10.25-inch colour touch screen controls the infotainment and sat nav. The sound system has top class Harman Kardon speakers – also standard kit.


The Kia Soul makes a fine family car, but boot space is a little limited. You’ll get 315lt of space which extends to 1,339lts with the back seats folded. There is the option of lowering the floor in the Soul EV, which affords a little more space. With the floor down and seats folded, you’ll get a large, flat load area.

Passenger comfort is relatively good and there are plenty of pockets and storage spaces here and there to stow a mobile phone or hold a cup. The back bench is comfortable for two adults, but three will feel a bit squished. The central seat is better suited for kids.

The range of the battery means the Kia Soul needn’t be relegated to second car status, you could comfortably run her as your main car or one and only vehicle. If you have access to a 50kW charger, you can get 80% of your charge in an hour and 15 minutes. The good performance around town and open roads increases her practicality too.

OWO Verdict

For an electric SUV, the Kia Soul does so much right and very few things wrong. Sure, the boot space isn’t huge, but it is large enough for a weekly shop and even a trip away with the kids if you pack carefully.

We love the styling and think she’s a great choice for carbon-conscious buyers. Waiting until the new release is available should put more models on the market which tends to lower prices across the board. If you want one, wait until early October.

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