The answer to that question is probably that it depends on which article you read.  Some claim that men still reign supreme in the parking stakes while others claim that women have now overtaken men in the good parking tables. Love it, hate it, or just view it as another part of managing your car, parking is on manoeuvre you’ll need to master to pass your licence. But what is the real truth of the matter?


There has long been a rivalry between men and women as to who is better at parking. If we are going to go on self-belief or dare we say arrogance, then men would win the title hands down, as they are the more likely to rate themselves highly for their parking skills.

A survey carried out amongst over one thousand of the laid back drivers of New Zealand found that almost 95% of men said that they were competent and accomplished parkers against almost 80% of women who were asked the same question.

43% of those confident men went further to rate themselves as excellent but only about half of that number of women were prepared to say their parking skills were top-notch!

That parking space is mine!

We’ve all been there.  Timmy is screaming at the top of his lungs in the back and you have already circled the car park three times.  Finally, a space opens up; the trouble is three other desperate shoppers have seen it too.

It’s time for some fancy and fast parking to bag it. You grit your teeth and try to hold it together as you manoeuver your Range Rover into a space that will only comfortably fit a mini.  Wedged in tight on your side you have to shuffle over to get out on the passenger side and then clamber over the back seat to Timmy.  Ah the joys of parking in today’s car parks!

Parallel parking phobias.

In the old days we would have popped down to the high street to do our shopping and parallel parked effortlessly outside the local green grocer’s shop.  Now, however, we are herded into car parks that seem to have smaller and smaller spaces.

At supermarkets, railway stations, airports, the hospital, it’s all car parks. As a result parallel parking skills have got a bit lost in the mix.  It’s never the easiest thing to do especially when all the other mums turning up for the school pick-up are watching, and there always seem to be some people who can do it and others who just can’t. 

All is fair in love and parking

That survey of the gentlefolk of New Zealand concluded that when all was said and done most drivers felt pretty confident when it came to parking their wheels. But if parking is something that gives you a headache it is always best to get a bit of practice in.  A lot of damage to cars is caused by scrapes and bumps that occur when the car is being parked.  Here are a few tips:

  • Always park next to a new car in the car park, as a driver of a nice new car is less likely to open their car door carelessly onto your car. 
  • Park at the end of a row for the same reason.
  • If you really are terrible, have some lessons or if you can bear it, ask the man in your life or a girlfriend for some pointers.
  • Practice somewhere away from observers, if you think you need to.

Parking is an important part of driving and getting it right the first time can spare your blushes and your body work, so it’s worth perfecting your technique. Spatial awareness is something that will be a great help in parking – in any driving situation actually. Hobbies such as photography and drawing from life can help improve this skill.

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