We all have a bit of fascination when it comes to how other people are having fun if only to assure ourselves that we’re not missing out. Believe it or not, a team of scientists decided to research how many of us have experienced sex in the car while it’s stationary (in a moving car would be very wrong!).

The men of science were from South Dakota University and they surveyed 511 girls and 195 guys at college. A pretty impressive 60% admitted they had got very friendly in their car and 14% of those in the survey said that their first time was in the old jalopy.

Most people in the survey who said that they had indulged in sex in the car, were almost all in a serious relationship with their partners, although not living together. Very few were random hookups.

A word of caution for sex in the car

The brave researchers then went on to ask the survey entrants about which part of the car was a favourite for, um, feeling the magic.
Unsurprisingly maybe (mind the gear stick) 63% said that they chose the back seat for their fumbling. Over half said that was in a standard saloon car, parked in the countryside. Thank goodness for that, a little privacy for intimate times can avoid much embarrassment!

Fortunately, less than 1% of those questioned had ended up with an unplanned little bumper and baby car seat, 9 months later. The study also recommended that more studies on sex in the car be undertaken, so if the mood does take you for a little bumper action, you can always say you were doing it in the name of research!

Remember that public sex is an offence and you’ll be landed with a record if you do get caught. If you’re found participating in a sex act while driving, you could be landed with a £5,000 fine on top of that hard to explain public indecency police record. We can only assume that very few people have been found letting off steam while driving, as this hasn’t made our list of common driving offences.

Consider this before parking up

Is sex in the car sounding like fun? Well before you get carried away we have put together, from our own research, the six worst things about getting overcome with passion in your car…

  1. Space is going to be limited, even if you have been doing yoga for years it is going to be a challenge, even the most limber might struggle in a mini.
  2. The risk of a curious constable peering into your steamed up windows are high. You could be charged with public indecency which won’t look good on your next job application form.
  3. There are a lot of hazards in a car that can bring a man to grief (think gear stick) and could put a painful end to the proceedings very fast!
  4. For either a man or woman there is the fact that the confined space makes cracking your head on a door handle or the roof a very real possibility and a case of mild concussion is very likely to pour a metaphorical bucket of water over you.
  5. We’ve said before that sex in the car while in motion is a hugely dangerous thing to do (ask Hugh Grant) who got a criminal record for the exploits in his car. His car might have been stationary at the time but in a moving car, crashing tends to ruin the moment, as would being put on a stretcher or in handcuffs. Just don’t do it!
  6. Even the most dedicated lover might find it a bit difficult to focus in a small metal box that just does not give in the right places. Then there is the one ear that you need to keep cocked for approaching law enforcement or random passing serial killers (they hang out in quiet spots too!) Satisfaction is far from guaranteed.

If none of the above has made you think twice, you might be interested to learn the best positions for sex in the car include the cowgirl, the reverse cowgirl and the backseat doggy for larger vehicles (pun intended). Be careful where you park, you’ll want to be secluded but safe.

We hope that if the warm nights encourage you to go out for a romantic drive in your car, you keep these cautionary points in mind. Much as we are sure you might love it, or at least the idea of it, there are a lot more safe and comfortable places to give way to your passions than in the back seat of your car!

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