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The process of researching and buying a car can be overwhelming. Dealing with pushy and
condescending car salesmen or untrustworthy private sellers is a hassle.

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How do you know which car is the right fit for your needs and your lifestyle? Once you find the right car how do you know whether or not you’re getting a good deal?

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Our Experts

Let our helpful and friendly experts guide you providing advice that’s personalised just for you!

Vicky Parrott

I’ve been a motoring journalist for over fourteen years, not including the work experience I did at Autocar; so many weeks, in fact, that they eventually felt obliged to give me a job. I’ve driven just about every flavour of car from the hum-drum to the hypercar.

Alex Robbins

When I was young, cars were all I talked about; instead of buying me comics, my mum would buy me car magazines. I’d owned 21 different cars by the time I was 21, and in doing so gained a knowledge and understanding of the used car market that has stood me in good stead.

Cat Dow

I write about connected, autonomous, shared and electrified vehicles. I feel strongly that nobody should be made to feel small or stupid about technology. I’m excited to share my know-how, giving you the confidence to make an informed choice about your next car.

Lewis Kingston

Finding a car that suits your needs can prove difficult. Having spent the past several years testing cars and producing award-winning features for Autocar, What Car? and CAR magazine, I can help you quickly whittle down your options and confidently make the right decision.

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