We are fascinated by them and the things they get up to, in their lives so we thought it would be great to find out what those elusive creatures – celebrities like, when they get behind the wheel.  These are a few stories of celebrity cars, some of which show that we are not the only ones who forget where our car is!  From Angelina Jolie to scatty Holly Willoughby and super cool Madonna they are all ladies who know how to rock their wheels. 

Meghan Markle

First up is the lady of the hour, new mum Meghan Markle. One of the first give always that she was due to be coming to the UK before her engagement was the fact that the £40,000 Audi Q5 SUV automatic she was driving on contract in Canada, was returned a few months early. On this side of the pond, she is reported to be having driving lessons from hubby Harry so that she can master driving on the other side of the road and using manual gear change. Don’t forget that baby seat, Meghan! 

The Queen

The queen is no slouch in the wheels department either and although she is probably happiest in a Landrover on the Balmoral estate she did receive a very tasty custom made Bentley, a special edition made especially for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  In 2017, her entire car collection was estimated to be worth around ten million pounds.

Katie Price

Well known for her car antics is Katie Price who seems to have had more speeding tickets and driving bans than we’ve had hot dinners!  Her hot pink Range Rover Vogue famously sold for fifty thousand over the book value of £20.500 for non-celebrity owned models of the same year.  But then again they probably didn’t have a Swarovski-embellished clock, and they weren’t owned by Jordan!

Even though a car owned by Katie Price can fetch such a high price, it’s nice to know she’s not above filling it up at the pump when the tank get’s low. Mind you, with all the racing around, she’ll need to be filling up more often too.


She may be a material girl but Madonna has comparatively modest taste in cars. In 2001 the rights for the iconic Mini Cooper were bought by BMW and this led to the re-launch of the much-loved car. It instantly became a hot favourite with everyone, including celebrities.

Madonna was one of the first to snap a new Mini Cooper up in 2002 and was so impressed that the Mini featured in a rap on one of her hit singles.  When it came up for sale in 2016, apart from its pre-set sat-nav settings that included her London home and recording studios, the Mini had relatively low mileage. It went on sale with a guide price of £6-9000 but sailed past those estimates ending up selling for an impressive £22,400.

Holly Willoughby

This Morning star Holly Willoughby found herself calling the police when her Mercedes SUV disappeared from outside her home in 2016.  Thanks to the tracker that is installed in the car, it was soon found – outside her hubby Danny Baldwin’s office!  It is not clear whether it was a case of break down in martial communication or a thief getting stealers remorse. But it’s a car you would definitely want to get back. 


No not that Fergie! This princess of pop was actually brought up by Stacy Ferguson and given the nickname “Fergie.”  The chanteuse was a very promising straight-A student at school and also a queen of spelling bees.  Thanks to the time that she spent singing with The Black-Eyed Peas and then going it alone later as a successful solo artist, she was able to purchase a very cool and enviable new Hummer H2. Nice!

Angelina Jolie

This A-lister and passionate environmentalist shunned electric cars and was first in the queue when the BMW Hydrogen 7  was launched onto the car market.  Unlike other hydrogen vehicles, the Hydrogen 7  burns hydrogen in an internal combustion engine. Nothing like putting your money where your mouth is, though you need the deep pockets to do it!

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about celebrity cars.  Whether you are in the market for Kate Price’s retina shocking car or have a style all of your own, we know that you love your wheels!

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