Have the in-laws or extended family been complaining that you don’t visit often enough? Or perhaps those clients you’ve been chasing have agreed to a meeting but they want you to come to their offices and it’s a long car journey from where you live.

You could get the train. What’s not to like about being in a cramped train carriage for hours on end?

You might get lucky and get seats to yourself. But more than likely you’ll be sharing your space. Just keep your fingers crossed you’re not sitting next to someone who doesn’t believe in deodorant.

No. it’s definitely way more comfortable to take the car. Just look at the advantages. You’re in your own little world and you don’t have to share. Best of all you can put on your favourite tunes without headphones and sing your heart out. Well, yes, technically you could do that on the train, but then everyone would think you were barking mad – unless of course you’ve got a voice like Susan Boyle.

But even then…

Driving also means you can stop when you feel like it and take a break. Breathe in some fresh air (off the motorway) and eat boiled eggs without worrying about the smell.

So, how do you get to your destination after a along car journey looking clean and smelling fresh? Firstly forget about the eggs, you’ll have to keep that treat for another trip…

Here are a few helpful tips that you can follow:

Travel Light

Travel in clothes you feel comfortable wearing. If you’ve got somewhere you change when you arrive then travelling in sportswear is a good idea.

Choose something lightweight and comfortable. It’s also a good idea to layer up so that if the weather changes you can take off or put on an extra piece of clothing.

If you’re going to wear trainers remember not to wear ankle socks. They will press into your skin and leave a mark that won’t look good when you change into tights or if you leave your legs bare.

If you’ve got to head straight to your destination and there’s no time to change, pick an outfit that won’t crease. Merino wool, Tencel and Polycotton are three great fabrics to wear while travelling.

Merino wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s soft on your skin and it can resist odours. It looks stylish even after sitting for hours in a car.

Tencel, like wool, is a natural fibre. It’s often mixed with other textiles like cotton or silk. Again like merino wool, It’s soft and allows your skin to breathe which makes it perfect for hot or cold weather.

Polycotton, as the name suggests, is a mix of cotton and polyester. The cotton makes the material comfortable to wear, even in warm weather. The polyester keeps the clothing wrinkle-free, which is great for a long car journey.

Fix your hair

If your hair’s short then you’ve got the benefit of being able to give it a quick brush and a spray. But, if you’re hair’s long and you leave it down it can get dry and tangled on the journey. A twisted or braided side ponytail will stay in place nicely. Or, you could put your hair up in a bun. Pick a style you’re comfortable with because it’s important that you feel confident in your appearance.

Think about make-up

Do you put make-up on before you leave, or not? If you have good long-lasting products then you could do your face in the morning. If the weather is hot though and there’s a chance you’re going to get sticky, don’t bother.

On the journey, you’ll be able to blot your face now and again when you stop for a break or give it a good spritz with some water. That way your skin will stay hydrated and still look fresh. You can always stop just before you reach your destination and put your make-up on in the car.

Eat and drink

Once you’re on the road it is tempting to just keep going, but you’ll feel much better if you factor in some breaks. Make sure you drink plenty of water, stretch your legs and have something to eat. Food will keep your energy up and stop you from grabbing sugary snacks when you feel hungry.

Freshen Up

When you stop for your breaks freshen up. You can spritz your face, clean your teeth and wash your hands. It will make you feel cleaner and less sticky if you’re travelling in the heat.

On Arrival

If you can, apply your make-up in the car. But, before you do use some eye drops to refresh your eyes. Check your hair and remember to change your driving shoes. Don’t forget to turn your mobile phone back on and pop it in your bag. And, last but not least, dab on some perfume and give your hands a treat with some hand cream.

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