Buying a car is an exciting, if somewhat nerve-wracking, experience. Knowing what you want to buy is only half the battle. Once you know what you want, it’s time to figure out where to buy it and who you should be buying a car from.

Buying a car from a dealer tends to be less risky – your pounds are protected a little by your consumer rights. That means, if the car shows serious faults after you drive it away, you’ve got a legal avenue to get your money back. However, if you want serious value for your money, the best deals are with private sellers. And if we take a closer look at private sellers, you’re better off buying from a woman.

Women tend to be better drivers. By better, we mean more careful and a little slower than men. The insurance companies have been onto this for a while. The EU has even ruled that discriminatory policies aren’t allowed. Still, Money Supermarket found that car insurance tends to be cheaper for women.

A separate study found men are more likely to commit motoring offences and get into high-speed accidents. 28% of men admit to driving at over 100mph.

Basic car maintenance

It’s not just accidents and driving too fast that men need to improve on. When it comes to car maintenance, a study conducted by Jardine Motors found women knew a little more than men. 34% of men weren’t sure how to check tyre pressure, whereas just 23% of women were stumped. In all areas of maintenance and car safety, women outperformed men. We know how to check our brakes, lights and fluids.

As for little unexpected jobs, women came out on top again according to Tyre Pro’s research. Less than half of the men they surveyed could change a car light bulb. 65% of women could make the switch. They were also more likely to know the positive end of a pair of jump leads and change a tyre when the need arose.

As for keeping things clean, according to a survey done by Halfords, men are more concerned with the outward appearance of their motor. Women like to keep the interior fresh and clean. Around 60% of women vacuum the inside of their car at least four times a year.

Under the hood

For the greasy tasks such as oil changes and monitoring engine liquids, men are more inclined to roll their sleeve up and do it themselves. Just 30% of women surveyed by American insurer, PEMCO insurance had performed their own oil change. However, women are still checking their engines are oiled, even if they’re not doing the dirty work of changing oil and filters themselves.

When taking cars in for a service or repairs, a UK money website found that women tend to get a better deal than men, but 20% of women are uncomfortable taking their car to the garage for repairs. If you’re one of the 20% there’s a solution at hand! Simply research the problem with your wheels before taking her to the mechanic. You’ll be able to share your ideas about what might be wrong and show you’re not one to be duped with a ratchet wrench!

Men are more inclined to tinker with their cars than women are. Aftermarket changes to the engine, body modifications and even changes to the seats from standard to racing seats are far more common among men than women. In some cases, changes to a car can render warranties and insurance invalid unless it has been declared. When buying a car from a woman, you’re more likely to get what you expect from that make and model.

Look for proper paperwork when buying a car

Women are more likely to keep paperwork for their cars in order. This makes it far easier to check a vehicle’s history of maintenance and repairs when they come to sell. A full service history is definitely worth asking for when buying a car. If there isn’t one available, it’s a point that can be used when you haggle over price.

Additional items such as the user manual, receipts for minor work and a history of MOT’s and advisories are also more likely to be part and parcel when buying a car from a woman.

Wherever and whoever you decide to buy your next set of wheels from, it’s advisable to get all the necessary checks done. Even if you do buy from a dealer, you want to be sure the car you’ve fallen for is the right match for you.

Given that women tend to be more careful when driving their cars, and more conscientious when taking care of them, buying a car from a woman owner is the better bet. Buying from a man isn’t guaranteed to be a bad experience, of course, but our research shows that the old one woman owner benefit still stands the test of time. Why not start your search today?

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