This seems like an obvious one, right? And you’d be right. But like most things, when you sell a used car – put a bit of effort in and you’ll likely get far better results. So, here is One Woman Owner’s top tips for how to advertise and sell your car:

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures

We all know it, but it can’t be over-emphasised just how important it is to have pictures on your advert. Not fuzzy ones that you shot in the rain, at night under a lamplight, but good photos. Photos that show the car clearly, in good light, and that show the inside and outside of the car.

You’ve mastered the art of Instagram filters and artful poses and landscapes, now apply it to your car. It’ll make all the difference. More photos is always good, too, so take lots and include close-up shots of the dash (with mileage showing) and any other specific details that you’ve mentioned in the ad. Talking of which… 

  • Be specific about your car’s details

Nobody wants to buy a car that is described as “Yellow Corsa. Good condition.” The end. That’s not helping anyone. Be specific, and be honest. Tell those people looking at your ad what’s great and what’s not so great about your car. Own up to the light scrape on the bumper, or the wear on the driver’s seat, and put photos on the gallery. And don’t forget to detail any big fixes or repairs you’ve made – a new clutch, full set of brake pads and discs – that’s all valuable stuff that could persuade a buyer to come and view your car as it shows you’ve cared for it properly. Put it all in the ad.  

Essentially, being upfront about all the highs and lows of your car will immediately make the buyer more likely to come and see the car, and more likely to invest in the integrity of you as well as your faithful motor. And it could save you time as well, as the people who come to disturb your Saturday afternoon are likely to be serious about buying.  

  • Run a spellchecker over it

Nobody’s expecting elaborate prose or iambic pentameter, but a bit of care and attention to how you write your ad will reflect well on you and your car. After all, nobody likes a Hunda Sivic with ear-con. That’s not a car, it’s something you’d find on Embarrassing Bodies. Just give your ad a read through before you hit publish. That’s all we ask.  

  • Have someone with you for the viewing

This is a security and a comfort thing for both parties. OneWomanOwner is dedicated to being the most trusted used car site out there, which is why we ask for up-front information about anyone selling or buying on the site. But having someone with you when the buyer comes to have a look at your car is still a great idea. It’ll make that weird initial polite conversation and awkward handshake moment a bit easier, and having an extra friendly face around to make tea while you show them the paperwork will put everyone at ease.  

  • Be nice, and don’t pressure the buyer

You’ve been for a drive, you’ve gone through the history with them, they’re erring and umming. Fine – give them some space and time to think about it. If you’re willing to move on the advertised price, then be up front about that and give them your bottom line. Then let them go, with a cheery-bye and an open invitation to give you a call. If you get grumpy and sigh a lot, and mutter about time-wasters, they’re a lot less likely to pluck up the courage to call you back if they want to. Be nice. 

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