Nearly every car manufacturer has an electric vehicle as part of their range. It’s safe to say that electric motors are the biggest transformation the automotive industry has seen since steam! Today there’s an electric vehicle for everyone, from family electric cars to super-fast sportscars. One of the things we love about the switch to electric is the wide range of electric vehicle advertising. From the serious to the fun-tastic ads that make us giggle, we’ve rounded up the best electric vehicle ads we’ve seen so far.

#10 – Smart EQ’s 2018 electric car ads for the fortwo and forfour

Fun and fresh, the advert for the Smart EQ fortwo and forfour encourages viewers to jump in and be the first to make the switch to electric. It feels modern and young, completely in keeping with the manufacturer’s brand.

 #9 – Kia EV6 advert

A cute robot dog sits in a store and watches a real dog enjoy the love of its owners. Just beyond the real dog, a man plugs in his Kia EV6 and the robot dog gets an idea. Robo-dog runs out of the store and chases the electric car across rooftops until he sees it below. Full of excitement and hope, it leaps from a skyscraper aiming for the open sunroof of the Kia EV. Just as he’s about to make it, his battery dies and the screen goes dark. Milliseconds later, the scene opens with the Kia’s driver recharging the robot dog with the Kia’s leads. Sweet and memorable.

#8 – Mercedes – goodbye noise, hello electric

One of the key differences between electric cars and petrol-powered wheels is the lack of noise. We’ve mentioned this before – electric vehicles are whisper quiet and a joy to drive. Mercedes make the most of this difference with their advert for their Concept EQ. The electric car ad begins with some loud and, quite frankly, irritating car noises. After 20 seconds or so, the driver stops and lets the passenger out, only to drive away in blessed silence.

#7 – Polestar electric vehicle ads

The Polestar 2 is the biggest rival to Tesla’s Model 3. Their electric vehicle ads with the “No compromise” taglines have been used from the outset. “No dieselgate” and “No conquering Mars” are clearly intended to poke fun at VW and Tesla, while maintaining a strong and sophisticated feel. This advert is no joke and neither is the Polestar 2.

#6 – Volvo – the future is electric

Quietly clever, Volvo’s electric vehicle ads highlight changing technology. A little girl, Alicia, runs around her grandfather’s home clapping for lights, shouting for music and finally playing with toy cars – but without making engine noises. When her grandfather joins in making his own car noises as he pushes the car around, Alicia looks on bemused. The grandfather is flummoxed until Alicia is collected by her parents and drives away silently in their Volvo XC40 Recharge.

#5 – Mustang Mach-e advertising campaign

Not yet on UK roads but available to order, the Mustang Mach-e is a powerful SUV. The advert gives us an updated scene from ‘Christmas Vacation’ with the Griswold family. We’re enticed to take a Mustang Mach-e for a ride when the Griswold family cleverly shows off their new wheels with their Christmas lights. The SUV is far more impressive than the lights, but the sarky characters in the ad will give you a giggle.

#4 – Renault’s new electric car advertising campaign

Renault highlights the everydayness of electricity in their electric car ad campaign by giving common household items petrol motors. Similar to Will Ferrell’s electric car ad in that it’s not made for a specific car but more for a range of motors. This ad made us think. The incongruity of a petrol-powered card payment machine made us smile! This ad finishes by asking us why we wouldn’t switch to electric transport when we rely on it for so many other services and functions. Renault makes a great point.

#3 – Volkswagen eGolf German advert

The German ad for the electric VW Golf begins with the driver giving his local petrol station a tearful farewell. Hugging the petrol pumps and then the petrol station assistant, he waves goodbye. After sighing emotionally, he drives away to an electric future in his all-electric golf.

#2 – Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric vehicle ads

Hyundai gives us the history of evolution with their advert for the Ioniq 5. The ad is both fun and informative. It gives the viewer a quick rundown on the car’s electric credentials, interior technology and battery range (300 miles on a full charge) while remaining light-hearted and entertaining. This electric car ad ends with the tagline “It may have been a long evolution to get [to electric cars], but it was worth it”.

#1Will Ferrell electric vehicle ad

Will Ferrell’s electric vehicle ad is sure to make you laugh. It’s not so much an advert for a specific car but more a campaign for the switch to electric and GM’s battery technology. Ferrell begins the advert by noting that Norway is leading the electric car revolution. As an American, it’s something he won’t stand for, and he heads to Norway to throw down an electric vehicle challenge. Typically, the advert ends with a classic Ferrell punchline.

The Will Ferrell electric vehicle commercial was such a solid success with over 1.7 million views that the University of Norway made a response ad. They showcase Norway’s electric credentials and other forward-thinking social policies – America has a lot to catch up on! You can watch it here.

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