When it comes to buying and driving cars, women want different things from men. Often men start off with a firm idea of the make and model they want. Women? We’re less emotional and more practical when it comes to choosing our wheels. We might not know the car we want, but we know what we expect it to do. Depending on who you ask, the most popular car brand in the UK for women could be a Ford, Vauxhall, Mercedes Benz or Land Rover. For men, you’d be looking at Audi, Volvo or Hyundai. We’ve taken a look at the data across insurance companies, gathered by YouGov and Statista, and checked which makes and models have the biggest female following to come up with our own list of best cars for women in 2022.

Vauxhall ADAM

Based on the most recently available insurance data, Adrian Flux found the ironically named Vauxhall ADAM steals 1st place in the hearts of female drivers across the UK. 82% of insurance quotes are for this compact, chunky looking hatch.

Best cars for women, the Vauxhall ADAM wins

Released in 2013, the off-road looks, higher driver’s seating and big wheels come with an option for automatic or manual transmission. If you’re considering taking one of these home, opt for a manual. You’ll find the 5-speed comes as standard and delivers a nicer ride. This three-door has seating for four, but legroom can be a little cramped in the back.

Ford Streetka

When it comes to first cars, Compare The Market and Statista seem to agree that Ford is favoured by female drivers. The cute and economical Streetka is Ford’s answer to the sports car roadster concept. Simple to park and easy to get around town in, this two-door convertible is fairly priced and easy on repair costs too.

Ford Streetka - 2nd in best cars line-up

The styling of this cute little set of wheels will have people turning heads as you zip past. However, the interior layout is a little cramped and you may find it difficult to pack her with your holiday luggage. Overall it’s a good performer and has plenty of get up and go in the 1.6 litre engine.

Ford Puma

If it’s something a little newer and larger for getting the family around town in, you can’t go wrong with the Ford Puma. Great to drive and more than enough room in the boot for your weekly groceries, holiday luggage or fold-away buggy, the latest models have hybrid technology.

Ford Puma

The greater fuel economy, good handling and higher driver’s position of this small SUV make this a great choice if you’re looking to change cars. Selected as one of the best cars for 2022 by Parkers in their small family car category and winner of best small SUV in 2021, it’s hard to go wrong with this female-favourite SUV.

Fiat 500e

Regularly making lists of best cars to buy, the Fiat 500e is the all-electric vehicle version on the Fiat 500. Its cute baby-car looks and easy to drive mechanics have most people expecting to see it at number one in the best cars for women lists. However, we’re placing her 4th as only 70% of female-owned insurance policies cover them. Plus Fiat doesn’t even make the YouGov list of favourite cars for women.

Best cars in small electric

The 500 is a classic and opting for the electric version will save you on congestion charges, road tax and free you from any worries about combustion engine bans coming sooner than 2030. You’ll only get this one as an automatic – electric cars with gears then to be the high-powered kind.

Ford Fiesta

Rolling into fifth place is the Ford Fiesta. According to YouGov’s poll, this model is up in popularity with UK women, claiming 57% in likes. You can expect and enjoyable drive with a Fiesta, good performance and a comfortable ride. You won’t turn heads but there are plenty of choices when in comes to engine sizes, trims and add-on technology and features.

Ford Fiesta badge

A consistently firm favourite with UK drivers of both sexes, if you’re considering re-sale before you even make your purchase, a Ford Fiesta isn’t a bad punt.

Land Rover Range Rover

Winner of the best seven-seater for 2022 by a wide range of car-loving websites, the Land Rover Range Rover has a lot to fall in love with. The high driving position lets you feel in command of the road and the mod-cons are extremely pleasing. Folding the rear two seats at the touch of a button, off-road capability and in-car wifi are just a few of the perks you can expect with these larger wheels.

Range Rover 4WD

On top of all that, it’s a surprisingly economical engine for its size and grunt. Worth considering if you have a lot of kids to transport or enjoy getting all the girls together for country house spa days.

Porsche Cayenne

Modern, powerful and a conscience soothing hybrid to boot, the Porsche Cayenne is a sports car trapped in an SUV body. Again, the higher driving position seems to be one of the key factors making the SUV desirable – that and the status of driving a bona fide Porsche!

Back view of Porsche Cayenne

Practical, easy to handle and sure to turn heads when you roll into town, the Cayenne gets a very deserving seventh place in our best car to buy list for female drivers.

Tesla Model S

Sticking with the high-end vehicles, we’ve chosen Tesla’s Model S for eighth place in our best cars 2022 selection. Like all great women, this electric vehicle is a mix of power, brains and beauty. You’ll manage a massive 405 miles on a single change and look sleek and sinuous every inch of the way.

Tesla Model S

The model 3 made headlines last year as the best-selling car in the UK, but we’ve chosen the S model for her looks, brilliant tech and awesome range. Plus, she has a greater female following than the 3.

Skoda Enyaq iV

There is something undeniably reassuring about an SUV. The height, command of the road, comfort and style can’t be beaten by smaller vehicles. The Enyaq iV is all-electric with a surprisingly good range for its size, claiming 336-miles on one charge.

Skoda Enyaq iV on the street

It’s exceedingly good value for money and outshines competitor models, the VW ID.4 and Audi Q4 with ease.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible

This is one car that’s undeniably classy with a timeless vintage feel. Bentley is a brand known for quality and style and this effortlessly graceful example of their engineering expertise is no exception.

Bentley GT Convertible

Loved the world over, particularly by female drivers, if you want wheels to impress your girls with, this will wow them like no other. No matter the size or style of your favourite car for 2022, you’ll be sure to find something to suit in our female-friendly marketplace – why wait? Your next set of wheels may be just a few clicks away!

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